Tsara épices is a food retail trade on stalls and markets based in France, which offers products from the island of Madagascar, grown by small Malagasy producers.

I live in Brittany but am from Madagascar, and, with my husband, I want to share the beauty of the products coming from my magnificent island while actively supporting Malagasy products and growers. The aim is to create opportunities for the unemployed in rural areas.

Our products are numerous: Pink pepper, Arabica coffee beans and powder, Robusta coffee beans and powder, Cinnamon, Plantain chips, Clove, Combava, Turmeric, Curry, Star anise, Vanilla pod, different types of Honey flavor, bird’s eye peppers, different types of peppercorns or ground, coffee powder, vanilla powder, gourmet black vanilla.

Some of our products are sold in specific packaging in order to preserve the quality, quantity and aroma of the product.

Our merchandise is designed for individuals but also for professionals.

We hope that you will find a range of products on our site that meets your needs.

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